About Me

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

“Hi! Welcome to my page! I am Full stack Webdeveloper. I started my journey as a Biochemist and worked as researcher for National Institutes of Health for 4 years in Alzheimer's research.

My soul however searched for more creative field where I could express myself with basic starter culture of a laptop and experiment on wider canvas. Coding bug bit me and I havent been the same since. I got formally trained through 3 month full-immersion Coding bootcamp, Coding Dojo, DC(2016) and I am now all game to enter the coding world!”

I especially love Algorithms and am always up for and to give a challenge. My dream job is to work in diverse team which makes application driven innovative software which is simple and accessble to millions of people. Besides coding I like travelling, adventure sports & photography.

Skill Set

If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail
-Abraham Maslow

JavaScript, Python, Ruby
Angular JS, Express /Socket.IO, HTML5, Http Request/Response, jQuery
CSS3: Bootstrap, Responsive Web Development
SQL (MySQL, SQLite), NoSQL (MongoDB), Mongoose JS, PostgreSQL
WEBrick, Node JS, Apache, Nginx
Object Oriented Programming, MVC, Test Driven Development, API Integration, Shell Commands, RESTful Architecture, Git and Github Version Control, Algorithms and Data Structures D3Js
AWS Deployment, Heroku


Sometimes its not we are underneath, but we do that defines us

Built with RUBY on RAILS, PostgreSQL backend Tasks: Full development, Heroku deployment Link
Built with MEAN-stack, JavaScript, Angular material, CSS3 Tasks: Full development, AWS deployment
Built a multi-tab/window environment to chat using Express.js
Built with MEAN-stack, Angular-material and bootstrap Tasks: Full development, Github co-ordinated, soon-to-be used
Built with RUBY on RAILS, PostgreSQL backend Tasks: Full development


Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
-Steve Jobs

Coding Dojo
June, 2016 to October, 2016
Fulltime immersion onsite program
Johns Hopkins University
September, 2009 to March, 2011
Master of Science (Major: Biotechnology)
Padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil Institute, Mumbai-India
August, 2005 to May, 2009
B.Tech in Biotechnology


Frontend Developer:   Fiskkit, SF (April,2017 - Present)

Its News discussion platform which uses crowd sourcing to validate news articles. A revolutioanry take at siphoning out fake-news using people power. Link
- I build the Social Tab/Social Feed feature on Home page to increase user interaction through follow/unfollow feature.
Frontend lead on Fiskkit Classroom : Its a education software to help Teacher's to tap and graph critical thinking of student on a subject over a period of time.Link
Worked on site login system, security and building user-friendly.
Currently working on building profile dashboard for Teacher’s to make homework monitoring and assignment easier.

Biochemist:   National Institutes of Health, MD (2011-2015)

Worked on a protein involved in Alzheimer’s disease called Neurotensin (NTR). Performed large-scale Protein expression for NTR, designed experiments for gene cloning and gene manipulation.
1.Structure of the agonist-bound Neurotensin receptor, Nature (2012)
2.Structural prerequisites for G-protein activation by the Neurotensin receptor, Nature Communications (2015)
3.Screening of Neem extracts for microbial anti-chaperone activity by in vitro enzyme refolding assay, 3 Biotech (2017)


You can check out my latest coding projects on  : email_logo

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